Social Media 101: Your 12-Step Roadmap to a Successful Audit

2 August 2023 — Pobl Tech

Taking a strategic, measured approach to your social media presence is a clear indication of your understanding of the digital landscape’s potential. Social media, when used effectively, provides powerful avenues for brand building, customer connection, and business growth. However, wielding this tool to its fullest extent requires keen insight and continual optimization.

A social media audit serves as an integral part of this process, providing a comprehensive assessment of your existing online presence and a roadmap for future strategy. It’s a systematic check-up that ensures you’re operating at peak digital health, keeping your strategy aligned with your objectives. Ready to delve into the process? Here’s a 12-step guide for a successful social media audit.

1. Inventory Your Existing Social Media Presence

Begin by taking stock of your current social media profiles. You might be surprised at the number of accounts you’ve created and forgotten about over the years. Catalog them, note down their usernames, and keep this inventory updated.

2. Verify Profile Completeness

Now that you’ve tracked down all your profiles, ensure that each one is complete and current. Double-check your profile pictures, cover images, bios, contact details, and website links. These are like the signboards of your business in the digital world, so they need to be spot on.

3. Check Brand Consistency

Next up, examine your branding across platforms. Your imagery, voice, and messaging should be uniform, helping your audience instantly recognize your brand, regardless of the platform. Inconsistencies in your branding could confuse your audience and dilute your brand identity.

4. Review Posting Frequency

Evaluate how often you’re posting. Are you posting too frequently and risking audience fatigue, or too rarely and being forgotten? Each platform has its own ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to posting frequency, and finding yours could take a bit of trial and error.

5. Analyse Engagement Metrics

Now it’s time to look at your engagement metrics. Likes, shares, comments, retweets – these interactions provide valuable insights into how your content resonates with your audience. If a post sparks high engagement, analyze why it did so and how you can replicate it.

6. Evaluate Follower Growth

Your follower count isn’t just a vanity number. It’s a thermometer gauging the health of your social media presence. If your follower count is stagnant or dropping, it might be a sign that your content strategy needs revisiting.

7. Audit Content Quality

Content is king in the world of social media. Go through your posts and objectively assess the quality of your content. Are your images crisp and engaging? Is your copy compelling and error-free? Prioritizing quality over quantity can make a world of difference.

8. Examine Audience Demographics

Next, take a look at your audience demographics. Understanding who your followers are – their age, location, interests – can help you tailor your content to their preferences, boosting engagement.

9. Evaluate Your Top Performing Posts

Identify the posts that garnered the most engagement. What do they have in common? Is it the type of content, the time of posting, the tone of the copy? Decoding the secret sauce of your top-performing posts can guide your future content strategy.

10. Monitor Response Time

The digital world moves at warp speed, and so do user expectations. Quick responses to comments and messages can boost customer satisfaction and show your audience that you value their input.

11. Review Hashtag Use

Hashtags can be a powerful tool to expand your reach on social media. Review your hashtag use – are you using them effectively, or are they cluttering your posts and confusing your audience?

12. Assess Your Competitors

Last but not least, keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. It can offer valuable insights into industry trends, successful campaign ideas, and areas where you could do better.


There you have it – your twelve-step guide to conducting a comprehensive social media audit. Remember, an audit isn’t a one-time task but a recurring one. Regular check-ups can help you stay on top of your social media game, allowing you to pivot when necessary and stay in tune with your audience’s changing preferences. Good luck with your social media journey!