Estyn – Digital Transformation

Digital annual report & resources for the education inspectorate for Wales
Estyn digital annual report

Estyn is the education and training inspectorate for Wales. Their mission is to improve the quality of education, training and outcomes for all learners right across Wales. We partnered with Estyn to deliver their annual report, summary findings and learner resources.

Estyn digital annual report website on mobile
Estyn digital annual report website on mobile
Estyn annual report on desktop
Estyn digital annual report website on mobile

Our goal for the project was to increase engagement with Estyn's stakeholders, such as teachers, stakeholders, learners and pupils. Estyn traditionally produced a PDF or printed annual report which was not receiving the levels of readership that they wanted. Therefore we proposed a digital annual report website to sit alongside the PDF version. This digital version made the report far more engaging and easier to access and navigate, and included a suite of digital assets, resources and content. Delivering the annual report this way also meant that we could measure the engagement of all digital assets through analytics and report on their impact.

We coordinated photography and video across Wales to refresh Estyn's digital assets. This new collection of imagery presents a diverse and modern snapshot of education in Wales, covering all sectors across the entire country.

Images of students in Wales
Images of learners
Images of learners and educational settings in Wales

In addition to the annual report we developed a series of web-based learning resources for both primary and secondary school pupils. This gave school councils a structure to conduct meaningful conversation and input, as well as guidance for schools on how to engage with their activities.

Pupils Resources for Estyn
Pupil Resources for Estyn

Project Summary

To round up the project...

• Designing and creating the Annual Report PDF document.

• Coordinating photoshoots across Wales to collect images for Estyn to use in their materials.

• Creating social media template cards to be used across their channels.

• Produced a 5-minute video to be played on the evening, highlighting the impact of their annual report.

• Designing and supplying event displays and banners for the launch event.

We're incredibly happy with the results and impact we've been able to achieve between ourselves and Estyn.