Invisible on Page 2: Conquering Google’s First Page Without Breaking the Bank

1 July 2023 — Pobl Tech

Have you ever found yourself searching something on Google and thought, “I wonder what’s on page 2”? No? Well, you’re not alone. Google’s second page is kind of like the dark side of the moon. We know it’s there, but no one really visits it. So, if your website is on page 2, it might as well be invisible. But fear not, brave explorer! You don’t need an Elon Musk budget to conquer the Mount Everest of digital marketing – Google’s first page. It’s possible to do it without remortgaging your house. Let’s get started!

1. Master the Keyword Game

Think of keywords as the open sesame of SEO. They’re not just about what people are searching for, but also the language they use. Investigate the terms your potential visitors might use. Free tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest are like the trusty sidekicks in your budget SEO adventure.

2. Content is, and Always Will Be, King

I’m not talking about ‘copy-pasting’ your competitor’s strategy and calling it a day. I mean creating unique, valuable content that makes people stick around like a cat video on the internet. Remember, Google’s got a thing for fresh and relevant content.

3. Build a Web of Links

Think of the internet as a giant popularity contest, where every link to your site is a vote of confidence. The more high-quality websites linking to yours, the better you’ll rank. It’s like high school, but with less drama.

4. Make Friends with the Spiders

I’m talking about web crawlers, not the eight-legged kind. Use an XML sitemap to help Google’s crawlers index your site more efficiently. Think of it as giving them a GPS while they navigate your site. Everyone appreciates a good tour guide.

5. Mobile Matters

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re ignoring the majority of internet users who browse on their smartphones. And trust me, Google notices. Make your website as welcoming to mobile users as possible. A happy visitor equals a happy Google.

6. Website Speed

Slow and steady might win the race in Aesop’s fables, but not in the digital world. Nobody likes waiting, especially not your visitors or Google. Increasing your site’s loading speed is like giving it a superpower. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

7. User Experience

Google loves sites that are easy to navigate. Clean design, intuitive site structure, and no annoying pop-ups make for a pleasant user experience. It’s like throwing a great party; your guests will stay longer, and they’ll invite their friends too.

8. Measure, Rinse, and Repeat

Google Analytics isn’t just for impressing your boss with big numbers. Use it to monitor your site’s performance and make necessary adjustments. It’s like a magic mirror showing you what to improve. Except this mirror tells no lies.


So, there you have it. Eight simple steps to conquer Google’s first page without breaking the bank. Climbing to the first page of Google might seem like scaling Mount Everest in flip flops, but with patience, persistence, and a touch of creativity, you’ll soon be waving from the top. The view’s great from up there – I promise!