Health and Safety Policy

26 April 2022 — Pobl Tech


This Health and Safety Policy outlines the commitment of [Agency Name] to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of its employees and any other person who may be affected by the agency’s operations. As we are located in a shared office space managed by Workbench, this policy will align with their overarching health and safety measures. However, our agency will take additional internal steps to ensure our specific safety needs are met.

1. Policy Statement:

Pobl Tech is committed to:

Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and visitors.
Complying with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations.
Regularly reviewing and updating our health and safety practices.

2. Responsibilities:


Ensure that this policy is implemented and adhered to.
Regularly review the policy to ensure it remains relevant and effective.
Ensure all staff is aware of their health and safety responsibilities.


Comply with all health and safety procedures.
Report any hazards, accidents, or unsafe practices to management.
Use equipment and resources provided safely.

3. Training:

All employees will be provided with:

Induction training, which includes a tour of the facilities, introduction to emergency procedures, and familiarization with this policy.
Refresher training as needed or when any changes are made to our office setup or procedures.

4. Emergency Procedures:

In conjunction with Workbench’s building procedures:

All employees will be made aware of emergency exit locations.
A designated assembly point will be communicated to all staff.
Employees will participate in any fire or emergency drills organized by Workbench.

5. First Aid:

A first aid kit will be maintained and located in an easily accessible location within our office space.
At least one member of our team will be trained in basic first aid procedures.

6. Reporting and Recording:

All accidents, near misses, and incidents will be reported to management and recorded in an incident log.
Management will review the incident log regularly to identify any patterns or areas for improvement.

7. Equipment:

All office equipment will be regularly inspected for safety.
Employees are encouraged to report any malfunctioning or unsafe equipment.
Faulty equipment will be taken out of service until repaired or replaced.

8. General Office Safety:

Cleanliness and tidiness will be maintained to avoid slips, trips, or falls.
All pathways, especially to emergency exits, will be kept clear.
Cables and wires will be safely managed to prevent trip hazards.
Shared facilities provided by Workbench will be used responsibly and any hazards in shared areas reported to Workbench management promptly.

9. Health and Well-being:

Employees are encouraged to take regular breaks, especially when working with screens.
Ergonomic assessments will be available to ensure workstations are set up correctly.
Management is open to feedback and suggestions for promoting well-being.

10. Review:

This policy will be reviewed annually or after any significant changes to our operations, the building’s management, or after any major incidents.


Pobl Tech is committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees and visitors. Everyone has a role to play in achieving this, and we encourage a proactive approach to health and safety from all team members. This policy is a living document and will be adjusted as needed to reflect any changes or improvements.


This statement/policy was last updated 16/10/23