Anti-Trafficking and Slavery Policy

12 December 2022 — Pobl Tech

1. Introduction

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring that our business operations and supply chains are free from any form of human trafficking, slavery, or forced labor. This Anti-Trafficking and Slavery Policy outlines our commitment to preventing and combating these heinous practices.

2. Policy Statement

a. Zero Tolerance: We have a zero-tolerance approach to human trafficking, slavery, and forced labor in all aspects of our business, including our own operations and our relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.
b. Compliance with Laws: We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to human trafficking and slavery, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (or any similar laws in other jurisdictions).

3. Our Commitments

a. Due Diligence: We will conduct due diligence to assess and mitigate the risk of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chains and business operations.
b. Supplier Engagement: We will communicate our commitment to anti-trafficking and slavery principles to our suppliers and subcontractors and expect them to adopt similar policies and practices.
c. Training and Awareness: We will provide training and awareness programs for our employees and contractors to recognize and report any signs of human trafficking or slavery.
d. Reporting Mechanism: We will establish a confidential reporting mechanism for employees and stakeholders to report any suspicions or concerns related to human trafficking or slavery.
e. Investigation and Remediation: If any instances of human trafficking or slavery are discovered, we will take immediate action to investigate, address, and remediate the situation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

4. Compliance and Monitoring

a. Regular Audits: We will conduct regular audits and assessments of our operations and supply chains to ensure compliance with this policy.
b. Transparency: We will maintain transparency in our supply chains and make efforts to trace the origin of materials and labour in our products and services.
c. Reporting: We will report on our anti-trafficking and slavery efforts as required by law and share our progress with stakeholders.

5. Training and Communication

We will ensure that our employees and contractors are aware of this policy and receive appropriate training to understand and implement its principles.

6. Review and Revision

This Anti-Trafficking and Slavery Policy will be periodically reviewed and revised to ensure its continued effectiveness in preventing and addressing human trafficking and slavery in our operations and supply chains.

7. Responsibility

The responsibility for implementing and enforcing this policy rests with senior management, who will allocate necessary resources and monitor compliance.
At Pobl Tech, we are dedicated to conducting our business with integrity and responsibility, and we are committed to preventing and eradicating human trafficking, slavery, and forced labour from our operations and supply chains.


This policy was reviewed in December 2022