FlexiFly – Web design & development

FlexiFly are revolutionising the private aircraft hire industry in the UK. Their innovative approach is changing the face of booking private aircraft and is making private air travel more cost-effective and accessible.

We were tasked with branding the business, as well as creating a slick website to showcase their offering. The website also needed a flight planner for users to plot their trip, get a quote and book their flight.

Flexifly Logo

The Flexifly brand needed to have a premium, exclusive feel (it’s private air travel after all), but not too premium as they aim to make private air travel more cost-effective. Other key considerations were flexibility; Flexifly can fly to airports and airstrips that most other operators cannot, and visibility. Our branding for Flexifly extends far beyond the logo, with aircraft and rally car liveries being just some of the touchpoint we have designed for them.

The website also reflects that premium feel with high quality imagery, refined colour palette and typography, and use of animation and transitions. A key objective of the website is to explain the concept of aircraft hire which will be unfamiliar with most travellers. We worked hard to make this concept easily understood in as little time as possible.

The website also allows users to ‘plan a flight’. Users can search for locations or pick from an interactive map, then receive an instant quote for hiring the aircraft as well as additional costs the trip might incur.

The numbers involved in the algorithm to calculate quotes are all editable by the client via a web-app that we created for them. This system also allows them to keep track of enquires, organise bookings and even send messages and updates to their customers.