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Core Principles

As standard, we will deliver a fully responsive, multilingual, accessibility friendly and GDPR compliant


We’re passionate about multilingualism and the Welsh language.

As a Cardiff-based digital agency, Wales and the Welsh language is important to our cultural identity as a company and we enjoy building effective fully multilingual solutions.

As well as in-house bilingual quality controllers, we also work with Welsh Government accredited translation agencies in order to achieve the highest quality language standards and functionality.

We also have in-house experts who give guidance on the application of the Welsh Language Standards and can create a bespoke solution tailored to your personal language requirements.


We’re aware of web content accessibility requirements.

Accessibility is a key requirement to ensure all users have a positive experience. As part of the build, designers and developers focus on helping everyone enjoy the experience regardless of their abilities and circumstances.

We focus primarily on the four key principles that provide the foundation for Web Content Accessibility:

  • Perceivable information and user interface
  • Operable user interface and navigation
  • Understandable information and user interface
  • Robust content and reliable interpretation

These principles are guidelines that provide the framework and overall objectives that helps us achieve a level of conformance that promotes an inclusive experience for all users.


We design our websites to be responsive, adapting to any screen size so that they work as effective on a phone as they do on a laptop.

All our sites and web applications are developed responsively from the bottom up. We ensure cross device responsiveness by using a responsive framework, choosing what best fits the specification.

Our solutions are mobile friendly and developed to be fully responsive. The solution will work efficiently on every platform, such as desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone.


We create fully GDPR compliant solutions.

With all our projects, we adhere to the principles inherent in the GDPR. Users shall always be at the core of every decision made or process carried out regarding data.

The solution will be fully GDPR compliant on launch and will include a GRPD compliance statement and Privacy Policy. Such as being easily accessible to all users in the footer menu of a website.

If relevant, we can include details of the dedicated Data Protection Officer, as well as contact details for users to enquire.

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